This Mapex Drumset...any good?


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I was wondering if this Mapex drumset would be good for my style and such. ... sku=490290

I play mostly metal and I am about intermediate level. I have a crap pieced together double bass kit with 2 cymbals and I want to upgrade! I play gigs and such as well...but I use friends Tama Rockstar. Does anyone know about this Mapex qR kit? and how it would be with the following hardware and cymbals:
Pulse Double Bass Drum Pedal ... sku=445489

Meinl MCS Cymbal Pack with Free Filter China ... sku=445848

Wuhan China Cymbal 18 Inches ... sku=442700

Sabian B8 Pro Heavy Crash Cymbal 18 Inches ... sku=441359

(2)Pearl CH70 Cymbal Holder ... sku=448039

(2)Pulse Pro Double-Braced Boom Cymbal Stand ... sku=444567


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do not buy that mapex kit. its has all basswood shells. that kit howepirate linked you too has 100% birch shells. i think you'll be much happier with them.


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and that pulse pedal doesnt look too great. you can get a use iron cobra jr for dirt cheap. i think someone on this forum is selling a regular iron cobra as well. check thew classefied section of tis page. you can get good gear used for the same price you can get cheap gear new. samewith the cymbals. you can buy used zildjian a's for really cheap and they'll sound 10 times better than any of those cheap ones made from blanks.


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If your getting wuhans, don't get anything except a china. the cina's are exelent but don't waste your money on the others. get something cheap that suits your level like zildjian A's or Sabian AA's. you will be much happier.