Thinking of buying a new everything...


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I have been debating lately whether to sell most of my guitars and buy a new drumset, cymbals, accessories, and possibly some hardware because I'm getting pretty serious into drumming. and I know what cymbals, accessories and hardware I want, but I'm still not so sure about what kind of kit I should get. I have considered everything from the Gretsch catalina jazz 4 piece, Ddrum 5 piece pocket shell pack, Pearl Export custom fusion 5 piece w/ the 2 floor toms, and possibly buying all the drum sizes I want in sonor 3005/3003 series drums and just making my own kind of kit. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears and will take any advice when it come to buying a kit. Btw I mainly play a 4 piece in a noise rock band and don't really need 2 bass drums or 15 toms and my spending limit would be between 700-1000. Thanks for any advice.


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You're over-thinking this man. You can make any kit a four piece so buy what you want. Do you want maple, birch, or mahogany? Start there. Then move to color options. Do you want a want a wrap, matte (satin oil), or lacquered finish? Then to hardware. Do you need new hardware with the kit or a shell pack, who has the style of hardware you like? Pearl, Tama, Gretsch, Pacific, Mapex, Taye, DDrum, and whoever else are all going to make killer sounding drums in the price range you're looking at.

More often than not when you ask questions like this, you get personal opinions. Ask 10 drummers what they like and you're likely to get 11 different answers.