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Im not exactly big on alot of toms im kind of a simple guy i guess anywho...

My Yamaha

Ps... Toliet, and Gorge Forman grill in the background
This is my beater kit i just like beating the piss out of it when im bored and i cant exacly part it. Ill start the bidding at $10,000,000 and thats the only way ill get rid of it.



20" Paiste Alpha
16" HHX Ozone Crash
16" Paiste Signature crash
14" Paiste Signature Hats


13" Yamaha Steel Snare
12" Tom
14" Floor Tom
22" Bass Drum(Boom)

Pearl Double Bass Pedal
Yamaha High Hat Stand(decent)


17" Zildjian ZXT crash
20" Zildjian ZXT ride
14" Zildjian ZXT hats

Standard First Act pedals :cry:


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Ohhh, Yammies are great! I'm lovin' yours! Your set is simple and very clean - I like it! Also, great cymbals(Signatures rule!) :)


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Wow its set up just like mine. Im not to big on toms either. Love your 16" HHX Ozone Crash I've always wanted one. Beautiful kit.

.....by the way ...love the george forman grill haha


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Its amazing really sensative, light, trashy.

Its really a great cymbal, im just not sure if it meshes well with the rest of my kit. I gotta get use to it.


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Alexander":2qowq35o said:
Yea, an 16" HHX Ozone Crash is my next purchase & then I'm DONE buying gear! :lol:
ive told myself that a bunch of times but it never works out in the end.

nice lookin set. at one point i really wanted a satin red set with black hardware but my tastes change constantly.

and i also really like the ozone crash and may end up owning one if not both of them at some point. really cool trashy sound is my true love.


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I love Yamaha so you get kudos for that alone and I myself had up until recently played in a four piece configuration and I have to tell you that I like it a lot. A lot.

Simple and Elegent, if you can't get it done on a four piece you need to learn how to play.

I am eating crow on that one because I have a six piece configuration at this moment and I am not talking smack to anyone who plays on more than a four piece..I'm just saying that there is a simple beauty in getting behind a nice small kit and kicking out some beautiful beats. Honest.


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I gots me a yamaha too. It's a low end set but, when tuned right sounds great. Whats up with the toilet in the back?