The Spirit of Christmas


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No spectacular drumming here. :D

Just a video of something I did during 2005 with a couple of musicians. Unfortunately...the toms couldn't be heard well in the video (I wasn't able to get a direct audio feed from the main soundboard.)

Also...they decided to turn us off and switch to recorded music...which explains the "lack-of-ending"

As soon as I get my hands on a video from the 2006 one...if the sound is decent enough...I'll post it.

I might be doing the 2007 and 2008 Carols too. 8) So...if any of you would be in the Moorebank/Hammondville (Sydney Suburbia) area during any of the upcomming carols...feel free to say hello. We usually do the Carols Early December on a Sunday Night.

As for pictures...I'm hoping I could bump into someone who was there last year..and took some photos (a long shot I know!)...