The size of the snare?


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I was looking around ebay today an saw an auction going on that seemed like a pretty sweet deal:
13" Saluda custom maple lacquer orange snare drum
Current bid: $68.50
End time: 50 minutes!!

However, in the description, it says that the snare is 3.5x13, which seems kind of small to me.

My question is, how does the size of the snare affect the sound? It seems like most people use something like 6x13 snares, so I was worried that this snare might be too small. Also, does any have any experience with Saluda snares?


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Depth affects the pitch of the snare. A 3.5" deep snare is called a piccolo snare. Ever listen to Primus?


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Piccolos have a very fast attack and are liked in alot of fast tempo music(ska,Punk) you dont get a big thud out of them but i had a pearl one and i liked it alot i eventually had make me one Ant