The Purple Dragon upgraded!!!

old Pics!

New Pics


22" Bass
8" Tom
10" Tom
12" Tom
14" Tom
16" Tom
14" Snare
18" Floor Tom (new to me)
22" Bass (white, very used)

16" AAXplosion (new)
16" AAXplosion (new)
16" Paragon crash (new)
13" AAX Fusion Hats (new)

18" Pro China
20" Pro Ride
14" Pro Hats

Roc-n-Soc nitro throne (new)

Gibralter Intruder Double Bass Pedal
Gibralter half racks

New cymbals, new throne other odds and ends.
Since I'm not currently playing with anyone I decided to hold out on new heads this go around.


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I really like the purple color its very unique looks really cool.:eek: Also is that a 14" sabian pro crash. If you upgrade your cymbals and you have a 14" I'll take it. :)


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That is one cool set up. Um no Medicine man drum anywhere I noticed lol. You have some nice gear but my favorite thing is the color!

Lancelot Frosty

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dw_drums_4lyfe":15h32lxj said:
the way u have the toms setup is kinda like the way neil peart sets his up!

your kit stands out really well
I was about to say the same thing.
Doesn't the pull rod of the hat get in the way? :?