The Professor!!! Mr. J.I. !


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Alright, I've been bugging around youtube for a number of weeks checking out some drumming videos and one "series", for lack of a better word, sticks out more than any of the others...

Jeff. Indyke.

Does ANYBODY know what is up with this guy?! He claims to be such a big person, and have a TV show and whatnot but I really don't buy that.. I just got done watching a ton of his videos, and while he does play "really really quite NICE!!" he just seems so.. fake! I like to look everywhere on the internet for tidbits of drumming expertise to help me, and this guy is just such an amoeba that I really had to ask.

So back to my original question.. Does ANYBODY know the deal with this guy!?


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He's a strange cat. Plus, his playing is OK, he takes danny carrey and gregg bissonette and tries to teach others there approach. The problem is...I don't think he ever listens to carrey or bissonette.
Insert any drummers name above.

I think he's a goof.


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I think he's an alien because he doesn't have a wikipedia article.

But yes, you are right, he does have soem interesting drum beats and whatnot..