the most influential drummers


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mine are:

dave grohl

brann dailor-mastodon

matt cameron-pearl jam

travis barker-blink 182

jose pasillas-incubus

mikkey dee-motorhead

joey jordison-slipknot

danny carey-tool

dave lombardo-slayer

Witold "Vitek" KieÅ?tyka-decapitated

Brad Wilk-ex-rage against the machine/audioslave


Chris Adler-lamb of god


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do you mean most influential drummers to you?
or just to new drummers in general?
tommy lee and chad smith have influenced me a lot, chad smith and Lars ulrich are responsible for a hell of a lot of youngsters picking up sticks


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Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Bill Bruford, Nick Mason, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Danny Carey, Terry Bozzio, Phil Collins, Carl Palmer.


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I'm sure Don Brewer and other old school drummers that weren't as famous did quite a bit to influence others. 8)


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hannes grossman is necros drummer

and its impossible to say whos been the most influental drummers to me every1 has their own unique style


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Nick Barker, Mike Justain, Horgh, Derek Roddy and Morgan Rose are a few of mine... the only thing is that the list is too long to put on here...

Hail Satan
The TrunJun


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Buddy Rich, Danny Seraphine, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Bill Bruford, Mike Giles, Mike Portnoy, Rod Morganstein, Chris Adler, Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, Carl Palmer, Terry Thomas, John Bonham, Jeff Porcaro


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Mine are.Igor Cavalera from sepultura,dave lombardo from slayer,neil peart,john bohnam,pete sandoval fom morbid angel,vinnie paul from pantera, bill andrews and sean reinhart from death.


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so hard to quantify this particular does one gauge a response? so many drummers are responsible for my interest for so many different reasons...

1. Chad Wakerman ( Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. This dude is a f*cking robot. For real, the guy's like a machine.)
2. Stuart Copelan ***( The POLICE, quite possibly the sneakiest drummer ever to grace a stage or studio.)
3. John Bonham ( Zeppelin, Nothing he did is that great by today's standards...but today's standards EXIST because he did the stuff to begin with.)
4. Josh Freeze ( because of The Vandals...not A perferct Circle.)
5. Ginger Baker ( Cream. Not sure why...just really like him.)
6. Trotsky ( Subhumans...guy was, in my opinion, resposible for making the ability to play well a required skill in punkrock drumming.)
7. Byron ( Pennywise...dude is rock solid and amazingly fast and detailed.)

That's a few of em'.

***I'd like to thank the guy below me for the correct spelling of Stewart Copeland"s name...but then again, what the hell? I'm supposed to be good at counting not spelling.
i dont think any drummer made me wanna start playing drums but i would say that lars ulrich kept me going in my beginner years. my most influential drummers are now.

aquiles priester
mike portnoy
neil peart
akira jimbo
thomas lang
animal........ you know you love him even if he is a puppet
(even thought theyre technically not drummers i have to say) the blue man group
they did a solo on talk shows a while back where they were putting lights under drums so they shined up through the skins n put paint on the skins while playing it looks amazing n it sounds brilliant too.

ive gotta say also my influence doesnt just stop at coming from drummers i was recently inspired to add a new bit of writing to my drum solo by joe satriani (his guitar playing just inspired something in me for drums).

Rob the Drummer

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I know about a zillion people who were heavily influenced by Mike Portnoy...the only problem is they all start to sound like him! :D

My top 3 are:

Buddy Rich
Dennis Chambers
Virgil Donati


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Ditto to all the post above!!! Their all great!

But I think that Joe_Cader and I are showing our age... Hell yeah to Don Brewer GFR! And don't forget Bill Ward. Ah Hell When I saw Ringo on T.V. In Feb of 1964 I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life... Come on ya old farts out there, what say you? Yep still playing and I don't need no stinking vagra ether... LMAO!

Keep Kicking out the jams my Brother and Sister Drummers!



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OK.. here goes... difficult one. In the order in which I discovered their talents (roughly)
Ringo Starr
John Bonham
Ian Paice
Nigel Olson
Steve Gadd
Jeff Porcaro
Mark Craney
Vinnie Colaiuta
....and so on.......


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Here's the guys that have the most notable influence on me:

Mike Portnoy, Chad Sexton (311 is underrated, theyre so much better than their radio hits and Sexton is a great drummer), Neil Peart, Dave Lombardo, Nick Mason and a friend of mine who isnt famous, but is really amazing and who I learn a lot from just by jamming with him and watching him play


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jose pasillas - incubus
john otto - limp bizkit
mike marsh - dashboard confessional
travis braker - blink 182, +44, transplants
dave grohl
taylor hawkins - foo fighters
dan trapp - senses fail
nic argyos - 16 stitch
mike cosgrove - alien ant farm


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JOHN BONHAM- he's the reason i even picked up the sticks, everything he did amazed me especially his foot work...fastest foot in the land!!! and i loved the sound he created, i think cretin1 said it best, hes not great by todays standards but he basically created todays standards, hes the reason i play ludwig and paiste

Chad Smith- heavy influence lately, this is the reason my drumming has developed a slightly funky sound

Brad Wilk- i was a big fan of ratm and i love audioslave, and his drumming

Buddy Rich- he has just started becoming an influence to me lately, i had never really listened to his drumming unfourtunantly, i love his work

Keith Moon- i love his attitude, i relate to his style alot, his fills are amazing

Mitch Mitchell- great drummer, i love his wok w/ jimi