The most amazing acrylic drums on the planet???


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Hey boys.

You guys need to check out RCI acrylic drums from these guys (link below) - I bought a clear shell offset lug monster with a 'Trick' throw off.

I have played snares (and kits) from every acrylic drum manufacturer on the market and these guys blow them all out the water!

They have taken this acrylic thing to a new level with advanced shells and patterns, like the old vistalites from back in the day but 10 times better!!

Man these drums are out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out...

You can actually build your own drums on there!! :idea: :D


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Have you ever tried the old ludwid vistalites? Those are definately the best acrylic drums I have ever heard. I think the majority of acrylic drums are too bright.


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I think the best Acrylic drum makers would have to be Zickos. They're the ones that practically invented them way back in the day, and they're still making them now.



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Yeah, yeah yeah...;

Visually they are great, of course.

But sound-wise?

About as interesting as e-drums.

Forgive my ignorance. :oops:


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I played a Kirchhoff Schlagwerk kit (yeah, me either...) at NAMM and was very pleasantly surprised. It sounded pretty good, I was tempted! Very round tones, warmer than I expected. Kinda birchy-
good stuff.
There were TONS of acrylic kits at NAMM, they're really becoming a trend lately it seems.
Find some and testdrive before making your mind up.