The Masters


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Pearl 2007 Masters

22/18, 16/16, 14/14, 12/10, 10/8 (not pictured)

Tama 2007 Starclassic Maple Snare



16 AAX Dark Crash
18 HHX plosion
22 AA Medium Ride

18 A Custom Fast Crash
18 A China High
13 K Custom Dark Hi-Hats

On Jazz Gig Pic

22 K Custom Left Side Ride
22 K Constantinople High Bell Low Ride

What do you think Guys?


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I'm not usually a Pearl fan but man those are beautiful. Everything looks great. How does that 22" AA Medium Ride sound? I've been tossing the idea of getting one around for a while but haven't had the chance to play one yet.


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Hey guys, thanks for the response.

The AA medium ride is great, it opens up well for Coldplay/Hillsongish gigs but also has a great bell for funk/rock gigs. I've played on the 20 inch as well but didn't like it as much...

My favorite cymbal on that kit (besides the Constantinople) is the 18 inch HHX plosion crash. I use that cymbal for everything (even for orchestral suspended cymbal stuff)

Pearl has actually changed a lot sound wise to me, the great thing about this kit is how sensitive it is. It's perfect for everything from jazz to hardcore rock.

The finish was actually not my first choice, but I knew it was the right one when I saw it under stage lights for the first time. I love it!


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Hey everyone, here are some new pics of my snares.

Pork Pie Big Bob 14/6.5

This snare screams and is an exact replica of a black beauty for only $220 at Guitar Center

Tama Starclassic Maple 14/5.5

My "general purpose" snare

Pearl Masters Custom Maple 14.6.5

My Hillsongish deep rock snare

These are my main snare drums. Let me know what you think.


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Very nice, really clean set up, great color. And I am not a Pearl fan. If you play that set up all the time and do not use the BD mount...... why not replace it with the Pearl Plate? It would really look good.


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I played a pearl masters the other day and my god they were amazing, but they didnt look nearly as good as yours do.

I also like that pork pie