The making of Neil Peart's R30 kit...


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thats really cool. i dont like the finish that much, but its an amazing kit. wonder how much a replica kit would cost lol.


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huh, I'd never seen that video before - very cool! Thanks for posting

the price was a little steep at first, esp considering it's only half his kit really...
but I've heard the GCs came off the $30 asking price recently.
Not sure if they have many left- maybe that prompted them to lower the price.


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thats nifty. i wish they'd let me in their factory and just tell me i can make whatever i want. that would be AWESOME!!!


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Very interesting - that was pretty much what I saw when I was there - not Neil's kit being built, but the assembly process.


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The GC set is a scaled down kit if you start counting drums and it also leaves out the electionics he uses for 30K I could build exact replica and have about 10K left over. DW and GC just really screw people sometimes. It really just makes me sick.


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TLT1":r5w5ks7f said:
so how much did Neil pay if anything?
i'm guessing nothing... lucky b*** - i'm sure dw drums wouldn't mind giving him the kit if it enhances publicity for their name!

well i guess the guy deserves a kit like that though. 8)



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TLT1":15evtqbf said:
so how much did Neil pay if anything?
Not sure how much he paid for them, but the full kit cost around $70,000 from what Lorne (his drum tech) was telling me when I met the guy.