the jimmy leg


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otherwise known as [restless leg syndrome] i have it on my dominant foot..[the foot i use on the kick drum] and well it HAS affected my playing....anyone thats sharing the same uphill battle? solutions? :D


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oh wow. i don't know if this is what you are referring to but i had a problem some years ago with my hi hat foot .it would just start shaking sometimes and it would freak me out.there was a drummer by the name of samari celestial from sun ra. told me to get a seat with a back on it and see a chiropractor. long story short i got an adjustment and never happened again.


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stab ur self in the leg with a screwdriver and c wht it does 4 ur nerves(make sure it goes all the way through the bone and out the other side 2 achieve maximum nerve reaction)


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Yeah, that happens to me sometimes, usually right before bed, though. Never happened on a gig........


I've seen the commercials for the RLS medication, but I figure it would just make me drowsy, and I'm pretty skeptical of pharmaceutical companies anyhow.