the human abstract?


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for sure!!! that bands awsome, they added me on myspace WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when i first made it like 3 years ago.

cool stuff.


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I've really only heard one song ("Crossing the Rubicon") but that song is sick. In a good way, of course.


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haha sikest band they have amazing guitar work
and yer heard of em a while back crossing the rubicon is awsome


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Definitely a sick band, I've always been a fan. I like Brett Powell's kit and I'm interested to find out more about the company he endorses (Ghost Drums) ... so far he's the only person on their roster, so I'm guessing they're a fairly new company.

Potatoe Snack

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that band is amazing. i dont know much about them but i have thier cd and i love it. my band was supposed to play with them acouple months ago when they were on the god forbid tour but they were on the first leg and we played a show on the second. but yeah amazing guitars and drums, not so big on the vocals, but they're not horrible.