The good half of my tama swingstar 5-piece


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Sorry if the pic sucks I used meh phone to take it.

14 avendis hats
16 K session crash
17 K hybrid crash
that set is a 5-piece swing star (14 snare, 12+16 mounted and a 16 floor, 22 bass)
Iron cobra double kick
tama hardware

The Bad half (no pic sry =P)
20 sabian ride <---looks like satan pooped it out too.. that boy is BEAT
18 ZBT china <---my awsome "trash can lid" china. I WILL upgrade it and give this one to charity.


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Pretty nice kit. You could also just give me the china when you've upgraded. I have a 18" Sabian ProSonix that sounds great! It's not always about how much it costs, lower ends can sometimes sound better than higher ends, I personally like the sound of my 18" Sabian china than my 20" Z Custom China.

Note: I'm not gonna give the 20" Z Custom to anyone ;)