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Here's my "prog rock" kit. Yamaha Power Recording kit with Tama stainless cage. Roland Pad 11 with custom made trigger pads slightly hidden around the kit.

Here's some pics from behind the kit.. Just click the links.. Figured I'd spare the forum of the bandwidth.. :D

Drum Pic #2
Drum Pic #3
Drum Pic #4


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That's an outstanding kit you have! Really massive (and a bit Peart'ish, I think) :) Please post full specs.

PS - welcome to the forums :)

The Freq

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loop":3jk1kfs7 said:
That's an outstanding kit you have! Really massive (and a bit Peart'ish, I think) :) Please post full specs.

PS - welcome to the forums :)
Thanks for the welcome.. :wink: :wink:

Specs.. eek.. That's a lot.. Grab a coffee. This may take a bit.

Yamaha Recording Customs (birch) that I bought new in '87.
Kit is mint with only one mark.. Cage is an Tama one from the
same year.

Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 with 2 - 22 kicks.
-one floor tom on left, 2 on right. (aka New Breed Book)
-cymbals are a mix of top of the line Zils and Sabians.
- kit has a DW cable hi-hat with "spokes" instead of cymbals
on left. 13" Fusion hats as main ones, 8" mini hats on right hand
side of snare, piggy backed 10" over 14" hats on right hand side of
kit. There's quite a few piggy backed cymbals on the kit. On the left are 2 china/ swish cymbals piggy backed (one with rivets). On the right there's a 16" china/ swish on an 18" crash, along with a 20" china piggy backed with a 10" splash. The rest are a variety of regular goodies. All even sizes. I did the airbrush work of Marilyn Monroe myself.

The snare is one I built. . 14 Ply maple. It's one of 200 I built through a little side drum company project I own (Ghekko Drums) that caters to drummers in my local area. I bought all the bearing edge machinery and hole drillers from the Stewart McDonald company that use to deal in drum stuff and machinery many years ago. They still deal in guitar stuff. I also lacquered it myself in 3 colours, black to purple to pink with some natural finish showing. All brass rims and lugs. Grover Strainer. I have a few good ole snares but this is one of my favs along with an old '58 Slingerland. Heads on this snare are Remo Fiberskins but on my other snares I use Aquarian. Bass drum heads are also Aquarian. All the rest are Remo Emperors.

Pedals are Camco which I've used for roughly 25 of my 30 years as a player. Love 'em.. :)

Roland Pad 11 with 4 external pads/ triggers I made myself using parts from and old Mattel toy. The pad 11 runs midi through a few things including a small computer and also a Peavey DPM-4 keyboard. My band does a lot of sequencing :)

If this post annoys anyone.. let me know and I'll cut it down to one line...................

"drums o plenty"

I do like Neil Peart but my faves are Dave Weckl and Vinnie.. 2 great drummers I'll never come close to sounding like but they give me tons of inpiration.

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WOW!!!! :shock:

That's one hell of a kit right there...Those 80's R.C.s sound excellent...that kit must be a blast to play on.

Welcome to the forums, I am a certified chiropractor(sp) if you ever need back help from lugging that beast around :D

great looking finish too...I love seeing the huge kits are still around.


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I'm not jealous, really. It looks nice but it can't possibly sound THAT good..

I really hope you got the joke. :)

Ok, I am jealous..really.

If I ever own that many drums I will probably die of happiness.

I re-finished my old tama Snare and I know that it is not as nice as yours but tell me what you think.