The Drummer's Best Friend...

Rob the Drummer

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Space! Think about how you can utilize space to make you a better drummer. Think of a simple 4/4 measure. Eighth notes on hats, simple kick on 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4. The most basic rhythm out there, but it's also the funkiest. It can be very funky by utilizing the spacing of notes. An example would be pulling the snare hits back like a millisecond. It's such a simple idea, yet it really makes a huge difference. And while pulling the snare back that little bit, accent the hats on 1 2 3 4 and pull down the inside notes to very soft, that way it's syncopated with the kick and snare. Then just put a little bounce in your playing and you've got the funkiest groove ever!

It works in the opposite way as well. You can place a kick forward and leave the snare where it is, and you got an AC/DC type "rushing" beat. Or play the snare forward to a faster feel in the same tempo, usually called "pushing" the tempo withouth rushing.

Take some time and experiment with note placement. It will make you a better player.