The best way to project sound from your set with little $$

Trigger systems

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I am currently looking into triggers. I would like opinions on which monitors and amps are the best for sound with the least cash flow, being that nothing is cheap. :?: Being that I play metal should I use triggers and what do they really do? Or is that another subject? :D


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The "drum bug" style triggers generally tend to be the least expensive
These are the bare triggers with nothing more than a 1/4 inch jack (no mounting brackets/volume control etc...)
I had a hard time keeping these attatched to my bass drum head so I used a $3 tube of silicone gel
The best part is that you can just peel them off and start over with no damage to the head (just a little residue on the head)
You can usually find a used drum "brain" for cheap (I got an Alesis D4 for less than $100)
Start with the basic sounds and then you can use the MIDI channels in conjunction with a sampler later down the line to get any sound you wish
You should be able to get that compressed metal bass drum sound that the kids are so excited about these days