~The best sounding drums you've never heard~


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Yeah, I know. I was a doubter too until I played a HEAD snare...

and it sounds amazing. My previous custom snare is great, but this one rocked my socks off so much I didn't want to play anything else.

The common problem with "custom" drums (that you may or may not know) is that 99% of custom drums are actually "Keller" shells customized to the drummers specs, i.e.: bearing edge, number of plys, wrap, lugs etc.

There is a man here in Colorado that has taken the science of drum construction to a new level, and he doesn't use another company's shells. He actually crafts the drumshells himself using strips of wood called "staves," and he can make it out of any wood you can imagine... Ebony, Rosewood, Ash, Pine, Bubinga, and of course many flavors of maple and mahogany. (For all you rockers out there, Ebony is a really hard wood and it is SICK.)

I don't work for him, but I've been playing for 18 years and have yet to hear drums like them... they are one of a kind. I'll never forget what this craftsman told me once: "Would you expect a top of the line Martin guitar to be made of PLYWOOD? Of course not... I'm not just making shells, I'm making musical instruments."

His business is very small so he doens't have the cashflow to endorse big name drummers, and that is why you have never heard of his company or his drums.

Check it fellow drummers.

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global and vaughncraft have been doing this for a while....ive even talked to vaughn and hes a great guy. i know a guy who has a few global snares also and he loves them.


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Rob the Drummer":1eb4ju7z said:
You've never heard of solid stave snares? Many companies make 'em!
Not "never heard of..." You've most likely never heard the actual drums this guy makes. It's not just that they're of a stave construction, (he uses a different method from other companies) I believe it's the fact that he crafts all of them personally and is very meticulous about them...

But enough of word nit-picking, I'm picking up a birdseye maple snare with black hardware tomorrow!!


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those look really nice! Didn't see any pricing on the site though.

Artisan Drums has been conducting a pretty fierce Myspace campaign lately, they're the latest maker I've run across using the stave-type construction. I guess it's getting to be a more popular style.