The best deals..saving money.... having the gear you want.


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I started this tread for those to post any great deals you find. I've been buying alot of gear lately and wanted to let you know what I have found. I usually buy through or price match through musicians friend.

For those who save money to buy gear one thing I do is every year around christmas has 0% interest for 1 year. This is when I make a purchase of everything I want and divide the amount into 12 payments and I'm usually good for the year. Also I try to price match at musiciansfriend saving more.

I just purchased DW Pacific 900 series boom stands, these are = to the DW's 9700 the only difference is the cymbal tilter.

DW Pacific ss800 snare stand $39.99 at on their specials page.

Tama cymbal attachment

Pearl drum throne ( I used this throne I like it so bought another for my other kit )

Pearl Cymbal attachment

all these things I had priced matched through musiciansfriend, most internet sites will price match if they are a dealer of that product. shipping is usually free if you purchase over $99.


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13" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats are $269.95 at Music 123, instead of $324.99 everywhere else. These are great sounding, crisp, yet dark, hats that rarely come up used on e-bay and, even when they do, they tend to go for around $250. ...

Steve Weiss sells a a Pearl clamp-on splash/china holder for $10.95. Similar products sell for about $25 at other sites. ... n-hardware

Interstate Music sells Remo Suede Ambassador tom heads quite a bit cheaper than other sites. ... &langId=-1


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I have to admit I am so freakin addicted to Ebay it is sick. I am thinking of blocking it in my router and having someone change the router password so I can't get in it. I have noticed more and more music shops are selling stuff there and setting up ebay stores. Last year I got my Grestch Renown Maple kit in the rare yellow nitron finish off of Ebay for $800 off retail. When the auction ended I realized it was a floor unit coming from Long Island Drum which I have bought from many times before. Everyone who sees this set is really impressed by it's looks and sound. Drummers freak out at what I paid for them. You can find deals on Ebay you cant find anywhere else. Back before the Internet I had a drum teacher tell me never buy a cymbal without hearing it. My way around that is finding something on Ebay and going to the local shop and testing it out. I know there is still some risk there, but no one can beat the price.
As far as others, I agree with the other post has great prices on just about everything. I also look at, and I don't really use musiciansfriend much because I find the local guitar center has the same prices and sometimes better. It is amazing how many drum shops you can find on line by googling them that you never hear of or see advertised in drum mags. Behold the power of the Internet. :)