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The Alien Drummer

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Just added a Pearl Icon curved rack, Saluda 16" dark mist this weekend, I'll post some pics of it when we play next. Also swapped a 18" Paiste signature full crash for a 18" Sabian Paragon Crash.

Live Kit:
Mapex Pro M Rock
24 x 18 Bass
14 x 10 rack tom
16 x 16 floor tom
18 x 16 floor tom
8 x 14 wood snare
20" Sabian AAX Crash
18" Sabian Paragon Crash
17" Paiste Signature Power Crash
16" Saulda Dark Mist Crash
18" Carmine appice signature china
12" Wuhon China
12" Wuhon China
14" Zildjian K/Z Hi Hats
20" Paiste Signature Power ride
4" Paiste Bell
8" Sabian AAX Splash
Pearl ICON Curved Rack
Roland SPD-S
Yamaha PTX-8
Audix Mics

Studio Kit:
Starclassic Birch
22" Kick
10/12/14 Toms
14 x 5 1/2 Snare

Also have 2 1980's Ludwig Rocker kits. 1 Black, 1 Cadillac White diamond custom finish


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I'm so green with envy... ;) You have 4 kits!

PS - I bet that 24 sounds huge! (cool reso head btw)

The Alien Drummer

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Added the rack for the first time last night so here's a pic. Also went a little overboard and ran a second kick with a slave pedal that I triggered to play on the electronic songs. Crazy??? Guitar player has better camera than mine so we'll see if his pics turned out. If they did I'll post em.