That great Gretsch SMELL???


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You're not going to freakin' believe this, but it just happened tonight and I have to tell you, I wouldn't believe it if it had not happened to me!

I went to my practice space for a band rehearsal and everything seemed normal when I arrived. I sat down at my practice kit, a set of Gretsch Catalina Birch drums, and when I started playing the air in the immediate area of my kit started to have the putrid stench of death. It made me feel sick to my stomach and at the end of the tune, the bass player exclaimed "What on EARTH is that awful SMELL?"

Well, I was wondering the same, but it subsided after we finished playing. We looked EVERYWHERE for the source of the smell to no avail.

Undaunted we continued with the practice, but the INSTANT we started playing, the smell came back. We stopped and the smell once again subsided. We looked a bit longer for the source of the odor and could not find it.

So we started once again... with the same result.

The guitar player stood over the front of the drum kit and said "It's coming from your DRUMS... every time you hit the kick drum, the smell shoots out of the tom tom mount on the top of the kick drum!"

I stuck my nose down there and sure enough, the smell was coming from inside my drum!

My bass drum has both heads and no hole in the resonant head so this seemed impossible. My tom toms are on a double tom stand so there is nothing in the tom tom mount on the bass drum and that is where the smell was coming from.

So I removed the resonant head and found a dead mouse inside the drum. The poor little fella' apparently entered the drum through the tom tom mount and once trapped inside he obviously starved to death, (Or I klled him with my playing at a previous practice) and blessed my drum with such a sickening smell I actually nearly lost my dinner when I removed the head!

The mouse has been removed and given a proper send-off to the great drum shop in the sky. (or the dumpster, as the case may be)

So we've heard of "That Great Gretsch Sound", now the marketing department of Gretsch can add yet another sense to their marketing plan and promote "That Great Gretsch SMELL!". (Don't try this at home kids, it's not for the timid)


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dude, that sucks, hope its not permanently scented, with the filuminations of mouse, tht would be brutal, let us know will ya? :shock:


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haha shit iv actually been thinking about that before you mentioned it.. i find so many spiders and whatnot crawing around inside and outside my drumset that iv started to wonder if other crawlers could find their way in there.. poor mouse, what a way to go


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Benno":2oo7nw2p said:
Aww dude.....hahaha that's sick. What became of the mouse?
Well, I discovered I had perfect pitch... I got the mouse into the dumpster on the first try from 40 feet!


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We will all one day, make it to the great drumshop in the sky....................or the guitar center in the ground.....................