TEST Recording Up Of Me Playing/Using Cubase4


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http://www.bandmix.com/drummerdude_nj/ (choose the "TEST ONLY" file from the playlist)

After getting all the bugs worked out of my PC (problem w/o.s.) I was finally able to spend the better part of 4hours tweaking a recording I made a few months ago. This is just me messing around, no rhyme or reason. Rather than being anal and trying edit all the stuff and make a "perfect" drum solo, I chose to just post it.... mistakes and all. The ONLY editing I did besides eq-ing, compression, and level settings was deleting all the unecessary wave forms to clean up the tracks for a tighter and cleaner sound to the kit. My goal was to get the drums to sound on "tape" as they do when I hold my ear close to the head. I didn't want a heavily doctored sound but rather natural and punchy. Understand that the freq's boosted are ones the drums are naturally producing. Boosting them in a parametrc EQ is simply highlighting that.

For those of you who are interested in what methods I used to acheive the sound (which I think turned out awesome for a basement recording) feel free to read all the mumbo jumbo below. :) If not, just click the link above. Regardless, try to listen listen with headphones or a good set of speakers.

The drums are Tama Starclassic Maple (like I'd use anything else :lol: ), SJC 5.5x14 maple snare, DDrum 5.5x10 secondary snare, all Sabian cymbals

My settings/equipment are as follows:

Audix D6 1/8th inside the front port hole w/StudioProjects B3 large diaphram condensor two feet in front of the reso head
Acoustic foam covering the front of the kick for better isolation.... NO EFFECTS
D6: low end eq flat, about a -10 drop @ 200hz, +7 boost @ 5K, compressed with a "fat" & "isolated" setting
B3: -8 drop @ 300hz, +3 boost @ 80hz

Shure SM57 on top, MXC pencil condensor bottom, reverse polarity
SM57: slight 10K drop to remove harshness, slight 150hz boost, +5 boost @ 5k
MXC: slight boost @ 100hz & 5K, slight drop @200hz
Both mics have a tight gate with just enough timing to let the ghost strokes pass though..... NO EFFECTS

Audix D1 on top, no bottom mic
Slight boost at 3.5K, the rest of the EQ is all flat, tight compression.... NO EFFECTS

Audix D2 on 8", 10", 12", & 14" toms, D4 on 16".
All mics boosted @ 5K for attack
Depending on the size of the drum, each of them share boosted freq at 80hz and/or 100hz with a range of +4 to +6, and all have a -5 to -6 drop @ 500hz
"Fat" compression settings, moderate gating..... NO EFFECTS

Studio Projects C4 matched stereo pair, positioned in a "Y" pattern roughly 3feet above the kit
Both have a -6 drop @ 500hz, and a high shelf boost @ 3K-6K. Rest of the EQ is flat
No compression, no gating...... NO EFFECTS

Matched pair of Studio Projects B3 placed in an equadistant triangular pattern 8feet away from the chair
Both have a -4 drop @ 500hz and a -4 drop at 3.5K, no boost on the low end
These are the ONLY mics that have effects! It's a small room reverb w/ a "spread" setting piggy-backed. The factory setting was good so the only change I made was to the length of the reverb, making it a bit longer.

This is probably my first real attempt at engineering a recording. Every other time I've been in the studio there's either been someone else there doing it making my input minimal, or me just providing verbal input with me making suggestions. I've never really been at the helm.

That being said, feedback is much appreciated as I'm still in a learning curve.


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SGarrett":4q6g7kuo said:
Everything sounds great, man. How big is the room?


My basement is about 20' x 15', but with that space I didn't like the natural room sound. So about 4 feet in front of the kit I hung four thickly padded moving blankets from the ceiling. This tightened up the sound immediately and gave me more control over the "room" sound. So I guess you could say my drums are in a 10' x 12' space with the addition of the blankets. It's not pretty but it works. :D

Also, there are two hard cement surfaces directly behind and to the right of the kit, which are about 60% covered in acoustic foam.


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Sweet! I just scored enough 4" acoustic foam, on eBay, to do about 2/3 of my room (20 12x12x4 pieces) for $40 and a nice packing blanket to go behind me. I can't wait to get this stuff here and up!