Tension Rods Coming Loose


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I'm starting to realize that after my band plays a few rehearsals, my toms start sounding crappy. Invariably, I check the tension rods, and there is a loose one on every tom, that apparently has spun away from tension...and I have to try to tighten it back to where it was.

At first I thought it was because I like the toms tuned low--maybe that the rods weren't terribly tight to begin with. But then I remember that back when I was playing a different kit, and I had the heads kinda tight, the same thing would happen.

I guess this is pretty common? I often see drummers at shows pulling out the ol' drum key between songs...

Funny thing is, I play a DW Pacific kit that has the "True Pitch" rods. These tension rods have more threads than normal, and are supposedly the same ones they use on their DW kits. Just wondering if them loosening is something we have to live with, or do you guys know of a solution?

I heard that Yamaha puts a nylon sleeve around their rods to keep them in place. To me this seems like it would be harder to tune accurately, but I don't know....


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Go pick up a roll of Teflon tape...the stuff that plumbers use on their pipe threds...it comes in a white plastic case and the tape is white...anyway...roll 1 layer on your threds not 2 but 1...that should fix ya up...does me...anymore questions hit me up at www.mysoace.com/sin_for_me


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Nylon washers do help.

I've had the problem from time-to-time and it usually goes away or I find that I just tuned that one tension rod poorly.

Check the threads on you rods and in the lugs. They could be slightly imperfect enough to be causing the problem. You may be able to just switch a few tension rods around and everything will be fine. All that stuff is made with some tolerance for error and you just happen to have a combo that's on the tolerance extremes.

Also make sure the drum isn't hitting or rubbing on anything else. That could do it too.


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i had a pacific cx kit with the true tension rods and i never had that problem and i had my heads tuned pretty low. I dont know...


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Gee, what can I do to "lock" my lugs in place, hmmm... I dont know... LUG LOCKS!!! Yes Zen Drummer got it right. Lug Locks are the best! I have one on every single lug on my kit and it NEVER comes out of tune.


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i had a friend who used nylon washers on his snare and it keeps going out of tune. when he took a closer look the tension rods where so tight they where squashing the nylon washers. i guess they prob work well with low tension like bass drums or big toms but for snare and small toms id used lug locks


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Dale":1qbzq0c7 said:
Just keep a drum key handy and fine tune between songs.
I always wear a drumkeyon a leash and when I play I stick it on one of the tension screws on my snare. Doesn't rattle etc and comes very handy.