Technique list for beginner


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Hey everyone i've started playing drums as a second/third instrument to bass + guitar. anyway i've started to really get stuck into it in the past 6 months and i've got to the point where its time to move on from mucking around and really look at refining techniques but with no formal lessons i have no idea of techniques. So i was wondering if u more experienced guys and girls could give me run down on some techniques for rolls etc. I'm already making sure i play all my cymbals with a glancing blow and stuff like that.

heres some of the beats im mucking around with at the moment just to give u an idea of where im at. All of them im playing around 120-150 bpm except the double kicking one with is around 90-100 but im playing that with a single kick cause i really want to get fast with a single pedal. cheers.


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Great suggesstions so far, check out Derrick Pope and Dave Weckl's video's on youtube too.

If you have the money then I'd recommend JoJo Mayer's 'Secret weapons of the modern drummer' DVD, he goes through pretty much every hand technique out there in extreme detail, including close ups and slow motions replays, it completetly sorted my hand technique out!

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I would add to hand technique the "freestroke".

Think of playing a stroke, stick goes down.. then what, you lift it back up? As drummers we're far too lazy and have far too much gear to hulk around to be wasting energy lifting sticks up after throwing them down. Hec that's twice as much work and I throw a lot of sticks down over the course of a show, sure you do too!

The freestroke utilises the rebound of the drum so you have more energy for drinking later on :)

Moeller and Freestroke, both very useful hand techniques and if you use the VF site Dom Famularo explains it in a far more entertaining way than I just did!