Taye RockPro 7-Piece


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I am wondering how everyone likes their RockPros and how are they for overall sound?

Do they have a broad tuning range?
How is the snare? long after-tone when tuned tight?
are the toms easy to tune, so they have a musical sound (higher pitched)
How are the bearing edges? ( I've had problems with a pearl target brand new with bad bearing edges)

heres the link to the set I might purchase:
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=445549

Thanks everyone


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I was also considering a Taye as my next purchase.. I was thinking about getting a TourPro, though.


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Mad cow, they are awesome even without changing to new heads(I haven't). I just had to put some e-rings on it. though I think that that Taye would have been cool too.(wouldn't trade my pdp's for it though).