[TamaBoy22690] New Tama


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This is my new Tama Superstar.
I got it for christmas and i just recently upgraded it.
Im fairly new, although i have great form, is this a good set for me to start off with, i would like to hear some opinions


All Zildjian ZHTs..

20' Medium Ride
16' Medium Crash
16' China
14' Rock High Hats
10' Splash


12' High Tom
13' Low Tom
16' Floor Tom
22' Bass Drum
14' Snare

Remo Heads on all.



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The only thing I really suggest for you to do, is upgrade your cymbals to something more mid-line or higher. Like if you like Zildjians, I'd say go with some A Customs etc etc. Or if you want to go over to Sabian medium lines would be like XS20 or you could go up to AA or AAX.