Tama vs. DW - pedal question?


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I currently have the DW 5000 Accelerator double pedal.

I was looking into the Tama Iron Cobra Flexi Glide, are the Tama Iron Cobra footboards longer than the DW 5000 footboards?


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I believe that this is probly about the same size, I've never paid much attention to the actual foot board size....

Linderizzle yo!

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im guessing its about the same,..but i perfer Tama (Iron Cobra) pedals....The iron cobra pedal we have at my school on there set is surprisingly good..with a decent size plate ...its not high mega crazy quality but ,if you know what your doing the can be set up well and great pedals.......so all and all i would rather tama.....dws's are not to satisfying...