TAMA StarClassic Exotix


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TAMA StarClassic Exotix. 100% Bubinga. Only 150 manufactured.
Toms: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16"
Pearl ICON rack.
Kenny Aronoff brass snare "TrackMaster".
Pearl Eliminator hihat/double kick pedals.
Cymbals (all Zildjian): 14" A Custom MasterSound hi-hats, 18" A Custom Fast Crash, 12" A Splash, 18" K Custom Session Crash, 16" A Paper Thin, 18" A Oriental (FX), and 21" Sweet Ride.



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Beautiful kit. Do you have any mp3's of the sounds of this kit? I have yet to hear one and I am curious. Thanks.


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Beautiful drums....i'm jealous. Did you get the snare too? I recently got a Starclassic Bubinga (Volcanic Fire) snare (1 of 300 made) that is the nicest sounding and looking snare I've encountered.

I'd love to hear how those shells sound.


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On both inquiries.

No snare. Thus, the reason the shop gave it to me at cost. Owner of said shop sold it to one of his celeb drummer friends. I will probably get the TAMA Warlord Bubinga (Masai) as I think they look killer plus it is bubinga too. The Aronoff Brass snare is a bit too much for this kit.

Also, no sound files yet on the kit. I did video myself, but the sound sucks on the video. Thus, I am in the middle of mic'ing it up, and just ported the bd head. This kit will probably stay home unless I am playing in a very controlled environment which is an oxymoron as you all know. For gigs, I use a TAMA SuperStar 7 piece of similar setup.

Have to say one becomes very spoiled with the sound, as it truly is amazing. I just finished playing it and the SuperStar (which is birch) and it is night/day. While the SS is a great kit for the money, the bubinga contains the full spectrum of sound. Very fat/full with lots of attack too.

I plan to use it whenever one of my bands gets serious enough to use a real studio. When that occurs, I will post here.

Thanks for the props. :D

This is the snare I am hoping Santa brings me...