Tama Rockstar Custom Blue with a mix of Paiste and Sabian

Johnny Cat

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The kit is still not quite complete. I just need to add a 6" rack tom and add three more Paiste crashes and a Paiste swish, two of which will replace the Sabian B8 cymbal (which is a loaner) and the crash above my ride. I'm also replacing all of the tom heads with clear Emperors and Ambassadors. The ride is a Sabian 22" AA Heavy, the crash over the two smaller toms is a 17" Paiste New Signature Dark Energy, the two splashes are Sabian Paragons, the chinese is a Sabian Paragon 19", and the hats are 13" Paiste Signature Sound Edge. Hardware is all Tama RoadPro except for the legless hat stand, which is Gibraltar, and the pedals, which are Axis X Longboards.



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Sweet drum kit, I'm workking up to get that same set-up :p!
Is that a bass drum I see being used as a floor tom?
Anyway, please post specs, I'd Like to see your sizes!

Johnny Cat

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Haha. Thanks. Yeah, I just got really lucky that the 20" kick drum's spur brackets also fit the L-rod on a Tama combination tom/cymbal stand perfectly. There are two stands there holding it up, though you can't really see the second one at all. I took the top tubing out of it and just left the L-rod piece and tripod in place. So it gave me a Gong bass drum without having to actually go out and BUY a Gong bass drum. Those things are frigging expensive!! When I hit that thing it shakes the walls! :p

Specs are:

8" x 8" tom
10" x 9" tom
12" x 10" tom
13" x 11" tom
14" x 12" tom
16" x 16" floor tom
20" x 18" "gong" bass drum

5" x 14" snare drum

2 22" x 16" kicks

I originally bought a basic 5 piece set up, then when I heard the Rockstar Custom were discontinued, I kinda panicked. Luckily one day I came across a Rockstar Custom Fusion kit on eBay, brand new for cheap, so I bought it. That gave me my other toms and the 20" kick, which I mounted as the gong bass drum. The other 22" kick and the 8" tom I ordered from Tama. They were still willing to custom make them. I had to wait 8 months, but it was worth it!

Now I just need a 6" x 5" rack tom to go next to the 8", add a few more cymbals and some other toys and I'm set. I'm getting the 6" made by Mark Ross Percussion in New York, and he said he can do pretty much a perfect color match for me if I send him one of my drums.

I'd also love to get my hands on a solid shell Cocobolo picollo snare drum and add that to the mix. Might be a while waiting on that one though.