Tama or Pearl?


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Ok, so I know alot of people are either Tama drummers or Pearl drummers, what is your preference, and this is only for tama or pearl drummers, so please no replays that are "I prefere dw :)" or any stupid shit like that.


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Hmmm, I play both Tama and Pearl(Tama shell and a Pearl snare). And both are great and worth every single penny


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i persoally prefer Tama's, their toms and kick drums are so powerful if tuned right, especially on the starclassic series.
however, i love pearl master bass drums but Tama is for me


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I own a 1981 Pearl "World" snare.

I own a Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Pedal.

That's about it.




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i play tama drums cause i find its much easier to move the tomms where you want and a pearl snare, but tommrow im changing to a ludwig wooden snare woo


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Without a doubt, TAMA!
I have tried various Pearl products over the years, but every single thing I bought, (honestly, everything), broke. And not just from years of use or from mis-treatment, but just from poor quality. I think they may have sorted some problems out gradually over the years and admittedley the Masters series are very nice, but generally they are poor value for money products.
Tama, however, are in my opinion, the best value for money kits on the market. From semi-pro to pro level they are superb. The hardware is very well made and sturdy. They sound fantastic, and for anyone making the step up from beginner, I highly recommend Tama.


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I love pearl drums...I've had other brands but,Pearl products are perfect for me.
I have a Pearl Export ELX Select Fusion kit w/Black hardware,Pearl 800 series hardware & a Pearl 2002c Powershifter Eliminator pedal(s).

I was all bought seperate (ie;no kit in a box)because I love Pearl equipment.

My pedal is smoother and has more fine tuning options than the Tama.

People tell me all the time that my drums are the best they've evr heard.

Tama drums are good also but,I'm a Pearl guy in a sea full of Tamas! :twisted:


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In terms of the drums, both companies make quality products. Different strokes for different folks.

In terms of hardware, I have found that Pearl's hardware stands up to the rigors of the road much better that Tama's.


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Both companies make great drums, especially their top of the line models, so it's all personal preference.

I have a Pearl free floating aluminum snare I got years ago, and it's held up very well and sounds great.

On the other hand, I recently got a Tama Starclassic Bubinga snare (volcanic fire) which is the nicest snare I've seen or heard.

My preference would be Tama of the two, but why limit to only these 2 companies? Don't overlook Mapex, Yamaha, Sonor etc or the other dozen.


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I have a Tama kit, I recently replaced the Tama metal snare w/a Yamaha Stage Custom SSD065 in Sapphire blue to match my midnight blue Tama kit. I'm a Tama guy, but I'm not a drum snob. I'll play whatever kit I'm supplied. I don't really like shlepping my kit all over hell and gone, but I will. :lol:


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Tama all the way. They sound better, they're stronger, better deal for the money AND I CAN POSITION THE TOMS SO THEY'RE PLAYABLE!!!

I absolutely hate Pearl's tom arms. And every set of Pearls I've played was broken, including the sets in the stores when they just pulled them out of the boxes and I was the second one to sit on them.
Some of Pearl's finishes are nice though, I will give them that, and I like their free floating snare stuff.

But yeah, definately Tama.

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I've had both and by far prefer my starclassics over my pearls. I do prefer the pearl harware and use a pearl ICON rack.

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I'm a Pearl guy. I have owned two Export kits and for the past nine years I have played a MLX series kit.
I love Pearl hardware too.
Tama is an awesome company too. The starclassics are very impressive and the Superstar line is one hell of a drum set for a great price.


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over the years I've done both (along with numerous other drum companies) and the set up that I have found I like the best is:

Tama Shells (4 pc - 10, 12, 16, 22)
Pork Pie snare (13)
Pearl Hardware (rack, elimator pedals, boom arms, etc)

although I do enjoy Pearl's mounting system better on rack toms.