Tama kit for sale


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I've got a 6 pc Tama Swinstar kit for sale. I've been gigging with them for years, and they've always sounded great and have never let me down. They're about 15 years old, tho they still have plenty of life in them. 10", 12", 14", 16", & 18" Toms and 22" Kick. All new remo heads except for kick and 18'' floor. I have no snare for the kit. I'm adding a gibralter double kick pedal, Tama highhat stand, and collarlock rack system with 4 booms. Basically a full kit without a snare and cymbals. Color is black & white... toms alternate colors... looks cool. Asking $350. Prefer buyer to pick up from Baltimore, MD. I could ship them, but I'd have to figure out cost. I have pics... email me: majestyfan@yahoo.com