TAMA Bill Bruford signature snare. Thoughts?


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Hi guys.

I want to get a birch snare drum, although I know this is a birch/maple drum. I've been looking at this snare drum on the web but have not actually seen one in person. Does anybody here have experience with this snare drum? And if so, what are your thoughts? Worth the money?

Many thanks.


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m":1cjlam8i said:
how much do they sell for?
I've been quoted approx' $1500.00 in Aus.

To put it in perspective, the three snares I bought recently retailed for:

Sonor Artist brass 5 X 14". $1800.00 AUD. $1,396.61 USD.

Sonor Artist 6 X 14" Cottonwood maple. $1400.00 AUD. $1,086.25 USD.

Sonor Delite 4.4 X 14" maple. $1000.00 AUD. $775.99 USD.

The WFL Ludwig brass I mentioned in another post is just over $1400.00 AUD.