Tama Artwood Maple 8 X 14


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Any opinions on this snare? I want a deep snare for that AC/DC'ish sound . Will this get me there? What head combination should I use? Thanks in advance :)



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I played some sessions a while ago with another drummer. He had this snare drum. I must say that I personally did not like it 1 bit. I found it to be a difficult drum that lacked sensitivity, did not have good snare response and it's tuning range was limited.

Mind you, I've only experienced the one. For all I know that particular drum may have had problems.


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meffajeffa":35o25e0j said:
Thanks for your reply, Dale :) Can you suggest any other snare that'll help me achieve the sound I want?
Well there are loads of great snare drums out now. When I was at the shop yesterday I checked out a few. Before I begin I'll point out that my Sonor Cottonwood and Artist brass snares are incredible. The Artist Brass is without a doubt the loudest and most powerful snare I've ever heard. No question about that.

The Artist Cottonwood has heaps of depth and power coupled with incredible sensitivity.

But these snares are very expensive. The Brass model retailed for $1800.00 and the Cottonwood more than $1500.00.

The drums at the shop I've checked out and am impressed with are as follows.

Pearl Vinnie Paul signature series 14 X 8. This drum is a surprise. It has great snare response, very sensitive for a drum of that depth. It has a great crack, is loud but easily controllable. Tunes beautifully, as is a fixture with Pearl drums in general. It's a very fine drum indeed. I'm most impressed.

Some other great drums I'll just slot in here that are about the best value for money snares around are the new Pearl Sensitone series snares. I am actually going to buy a few of them soon.

For what you want I'd recomend the snares in the 14 X 6 1/2" size. They come in stainless steel, aluminium, phosfor and brass. These drums have a very nice, if simple snare action that is smooth and trouble free. (the best kind) Their design is not overbearing, they are clean looking, fine sounding drums. There's a very favourable review in the Jan Rhythm magazine. The writer is clearly as impressed as I am.

What is fantastic is the price. I honestly believe they are about the best value for money snares out there. For your purpose I recomend the brass drum. It's freakin' awesome.

The Ludwig 14 X 6 1/2 brass is another great drum. It is full bodied, cutting and the snare response is great. I am not impressed with the old fashioned snare action. Frankly it looks weak and prone to breakage. In comparrison to the Sensitone in the same size, well, it may be slightly superior in tone. But the hardware is inferior. It does have die cast hoops, but these depend on one's taste.

The Pearl Ian Paice signature steel is another lovely drum. It is in 14 X 6 1/2". It has the great Pearl hardware but regular super hoops. No die cast rims here. But on this snare I like that. It also offers a type of lug lock, similar to Sonor's, but in metal. I actually don't know if they would come loose over time and rattle. Only time would tell. But the drum itself has a great cracking sound with loads of sensitivity. It is also very affordable.

The Pearl Joey Jordison snare is a real little beauty. A true surprise. Although it's smallish, being in 13 X 6 1/2, it has a pretty deep sound, but also cutting power from the 13 diameter. No die cast rims again, but this doesn't matter. I recomend you give it a listen. Even if not for the current purpose, it is the kind of drum that would fit into many areas.

Sticking with Pearl, the Chad Smith drum, reviewed elsewhere here, is also great and highly recomended.

DW? Well, I am not impressed. There is an Edge snare at the shop and I reckon it's bloody awful. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

The DW Collectors snares are also a bit iffy in my book. In three years I've only heard one that was decent. Actually it was quite nice. But the rest of them pale in comparrison to those described above.

The new Pearl reference series snares are overated in my opinion. The only one I like is the deep brass model. It's powerful and sensitive. But for the money I'd recomend something like a Sonor.

Trick snares numbering 3 in the shop. All 14 X 6 1/2. I don't like 'em.

PDP snares. I don't think much of them. The kits are good though.

Sonor S Class Pro. Nah, not as good as the Delites or Artist series. Give it a miss.

Pearl Masterworks 14 X 6 1/2 maple. Very nice. But for what you want I recomend the Vinnie Paul.

Pearl Eric Singer signature maple snare. AWESOME! This is similar to a Masterworks snare with die cast hoops and superb hardware and 10 plies with 3 air vents. This is another very sensitive drum. It has a warmth that comes through in buzz rolls and backbeats. I am not sure how well ghost notes would come through in a loud setting, but the back beats would be fat and loud. I think the three air vents help here. It also looks really nice. Isn't over the top like the Vinnie Paul spikey snake skin drum.

Anyway, those were the drums I played yesterday at the shop.


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If you want a deeper sound, there is the very expensive, but very nice and good sounding, 9"x14" Tama Starclassic Snare. BIG. Massive drum!!! If you're looking for deep, that might do it...

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meffajeffa":3m620kg9 said:
Any opinions on this snare? I want a deep snare for that AC/DC'ish sound . Will this get me there? What head combination should I use? Thanks in advance :)

If you already bought it then thicken up on the top head, hazy on the bottom and get some new snares for it in hasta pronto fashion.