taking lessons.......again!


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I've been drumming for quite a long time and I've been pretty satisfied with the job I do and accomplishments I have made. Recent times,I kinda felt a plateau in my drumming for what ever reason.So I decided to get back into some structure with lessons and holy shit....its really made a difference. What I thought was right,wasn't and my bad habits I created over the years were leading to some barriers that I couldnt over come myself.So,needless to say....if you we're to ask me lessons vs self-taught(there was a thread somewhere on here about the subject).....I'd say get back to some lessons.I've been 97% self taught,had some lessons when I was a kid...and said screw it,I can do this.And here I am 30 years later...........peace!


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i plaed the first 3 years self taught and when i started taking
lessons it taught me way more so i recommend taking lessons
cause its worth it in the long run.