Switching from electric to accoustic


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Good evenin' ladies and gentlemen.

I just joined the forum because I wanted to ask some questions about buying a new drumkit, I've been playing an old yamaha DTXplorer since I started playing two years ago, due to noise issues with the elderly neighbours, who have since moved out, died or otherwise vanished. Having spoken to the new neighbours I'm ok to go accoustic. Which is perfect timing because I have the money to get a new kit, and to be frank my DTXplorer has done nothing but impede my practice.

Anyway, I live in the uk, and have a absolute maximum limit of £1200 to get a complete kit, I tend to play mostly rock, ska and a little breakbeat/DnB. Can anyone recommend me a good kit that'll last me a while and be ok for someone new to accoustic's?

Cheers doods.