Sweaty hands


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What happens when your hands get sweaty while you’re playing and the sticks fly out of your hands...
what would you do?


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I had that problem back when I was younger and I went to the gloves thing. I would suggest wrapping grip tape on the sticks if you do use gloves or they will slip outta your hands gloved as well. use a towel and keep your hands and forearms/wrist dry between songs.


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try using grip tape, gloves can get in the way. Use a powder so they don't get slippery, but grip tape will work.


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You can also get a knife and scrape the varnish off the sticks where you hold them. This makes them easier to keep hold of.


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I have another idea
I suggest that you sandpaper down the drumsticks finish and smear them with beeswax. This will make your grip better the more you sweat.