survey about e-drums


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hi guys,

i’m currently working on my bachelor-thesis at the upper austrian university of applied science in hagenberg concerning "e-drums". If anyone would like to help me, it would be great if he/she would answer the following questions of my survey:

• Many drummers use their e-drum-kit only as a silent alternative to their acoustic-set. Which potential do you see in e-drums?
• Does the technique how you play on your e-drums differ from the way you play on acoustic-drumsets?
• In which situations do you prefer your e-drum and when do you prefer your acoustic set?
• Are e-drums also suited for beginners?
• Why do so many drummers still resist using e-drums live on stage?
• Do you think, someday it will totally get possible that e-drums will supplant the acoustic-set?

Thanks in advance for your help and best regards from Austria,