super slow mo cymbal hit


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Very cool, it shows really well why a thinner cymbal is less prone to cracking than a thicker one. And also why swipping at the cymbal is better than going straight in.


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Iv seen that before somewhere. I dont get it though, you tend to hit a cymbal really hard, but still it wobbles and bends so much so quickly (i know its vibrations) its just wierd.


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rundylanrunn":xemn4adr said:
i wish they had used something better than a zbt though!
lol yehh something abit more classy. how about a china? that would be messed up. or a splash? that might work :lol:

Rob Crisp

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If it's a science experiment they probably just bought the cheapest one they could find :p They we're looking to film the movement as opposed to the sound I'd imagine.

Really cool video!

I have a great pic of me crashing a 16" a custom where the cymbal is really flexing. I'll post it when I'm home and get a chance.