Sully Erna


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yeah, hes not bad. i think i remember reading he did the drums on the first godsmack disc. i personally dont like godsmack but he is a good drummer. not great, but good
Yep Sully indeed plays drums, as DrummerT2k said, he played drums on the first Godsmack album. He's pretty good.
I saw Metallica with Godsmack in 2004, Sully and Shannon Larkin did a dual duet drum solo. They had two kits on two platforms across the stage from each other, the platforms turned and rose up and down. It was pretty cool.


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yeah I heard that's a standard sort of thing for them to do. Remeinds me of the Genesis drum duet as far as it being a standard nightly thing.


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Actually, Sully did all of the drumming on the first major label disc, and most of the drumming on the second CD. He's a tremendous player, with an awesome sense of groove. When he and Shannon do their thing, it's an awesome sight, since most double-drum solos get all FUBAR with nobody taking turns.


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ive seen godsmack twice and they did it both times. if you like them and get a chance to see them live then go because this battle is awesome to see live. last time i saw them, sully played hand percussion for about half the solo while shanon did his thing, then theres a part where they play exactly the same thing and take turns doing fills...very cool to see a band do that.