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Ok so I bought a double bass pedal today. It should be here in a couple weeks at most. My question is, how do I get started? I've never owned a double bass pedal so I'm not really sure the best ways to practice or built that skill. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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You'll have to develop your feet like you developed your hands....slowly, evenly, and speed with precision will eventually follow. Also, as you start developing patterns with the feet, practice ones that you can apply to many genres, not just one or two. Have fun! :wink:


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when i first got my dubble pedal my 1st thought was " im gona play as fast as i can " which was dumb cuz i cudnt.

try just doin LRLR RLRL or paradiddles RLRR LRLL or wotever, n wen you tired of doing all that just try and add dubble bass to a beat that wud usualy only hav on bass drum, such as AC/DC or old S.O.A.D or even stuff like black sabbath, its all worth a try


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Check out the Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming. Aside from that, go to the Education Center at and start running through the rudiments with your feet. The most important thing is technique, especially with a double pedal. If you leave your left beater buried in the head your kick's going to sound like shit while you're playing with your right foot.


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i believe theres a book at guitar center called 4 way coordination that helps with db
it may not be at your local gc but its at mine