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I'm looking at a new cymbal set with sabians.

right now i'm considering:

13" aa regular hats
16" xs20 med-thin crash
18" xs20 med-thin crash
18" xs20 crash/ride
20" xs20 rock ride
14" B8 pro china
10" aa splash

my budget is around $800 and i nee hats, 2 crashes, ride, china, splash at a minimum. the crash/ride is to save space if i need to.


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Sabian is made in an old Zildjian factory, indeed in Canada

In the old days the zildjian K series were made ther, But one of the two directors of zildjian wanted to close that factory, the othere one didn't

so he starter making Sabian cymbals, with the same techniques as Zildjian

The directors name of the Sabian factory is even Robert Zildjian