Stuff of sale. Tama, Ddrum


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hey all the funds are running low and i need to pay off some bills so im selling 1 of my pratice kits. i dont care witch one i just too sell one. im just selling the shell packs

1st is a 2001 Tama rockstar custom amber birch/basswood 5 piece 22 bass 14,12,10 toms(all mounteded with star-cast mounting system) 14' snare (has vent holes added to it) this kit was $999.99 new but ill let it go for 450$ + shiping. the sets in good condition a few scratches and very small dents and dings, only been gigged out less then 10 times.(mixed remo heads on it)

2nd is ddrum Dominion Ash Pocket Drum Kit(orange) 20x20 kick, 12 tom(with mounting hoop and L arm Bracket), 14 & 16 floor tom, and snare 13x7. all excelent condition iv only had it about a year. this one new is $1,139.99 ill let mine go for $700. heres it on musicansfriend ... sku=443612 . (has evan g2's coated on it but bass)

if anyone is intrested in either of the 2 kits and dont like what im asking give me an offer and ill gat back to ya. also i can post some pics if anyones intrested. i dont want to get rid of either set they both have a place in my heart but bills are comeing up and i need the cash. Rock on!