Studio Rings


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I am very confused about Studio Rings (for my toms).

How do we install those?
Should I even have them?
Pros and Cons?

I have my set in my basement, I'm not in a band, so all it does is sit down there. Should i even have these things, I feel that they muffle them a little too much and screws my tuning over. Tell me about Studio Rings. Please and thanks.


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they're nice to have if you ever are in a venue where you just dont like the overtones of your drums through the system and the sound guy sucks and gating them properly. put these babies on and you have what i call "isnta-thump" although they do really dmapen a lot, i myself perfer moon gel to the studio rings. but theres no instalation. they just lay on top of the head.


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Here's a great tip for those who don't like the ring because they dampen too much-
If you don't have the drums set at a steep angle (like Lars Ulrich), then just cut the ring into 2 and put it on the drum :)