Stretching Before Drumming?


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Does it really do anything? I noticed a few times if I ran before I drumed, I was much faster and didnt mess up as much...


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if your planning to play for long periods of time and you dont wanna pull a muscle, then stretch. i cant stress enough how important stretching can be, even if your only stretching for 5 mins


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I stretch before playing. Especially my hands, wrists and arms. I stetch my legs a little. I feel it when I don't do some stretching.


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I usually stretch before I practice, buts thats only if its going to be a really long one

I do some leg stretches, and wrist/arm exercises but thats it

I wouldnt over do it because one time I worked out my left hand too much before a concert and I hurt it and played like shit


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My drumming style incorporates some of my martial arts training
Since I am getting up there a bit (38 yrs old) and my drumming is extremely physical, I need to stretch out my entire body
Well, not EVERY muscle but you get the idea
Yeah, I do the normal arm/wrist stretching and warming up but I find that, not only does it make my playing more comfortable, but it reduces injusry
I especially try to stretch out my back, shoulders and the area where my spine meets my pelvis (I've even learned how to "pop" that area)
I make sure that I am allowed at least 30 minutes to warm up by running in place and stretching as well as rudiments on a pad
I also try to maintain a steady double bass pattern whilst doing the rudiments (which is kinda like runnng in place whilst sitting)

You may wanna learn the right ways to stretch when going this far
Stretching the wrong way and in the wrong positions can damage youtr joints and muscles (so DON'T SUE MY ASS IF YOU HURT YOURSELF!!)
Ha Ha


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ok I find it best to warm up on a practice pad and kick pads before a concert as well as strech for around 5 min before you go on, as far as practice goes just sid down and warm up for a while before you start playing songs you dont have to sit behind a kit and go all out right away!!


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I'm getting older as well. (almost 40) I find my wrists, right around my thumb area, getting sore rather quickly during a show. I have found that stretching helps considerably. I stretch my arms, wrists, shoulders, and legs (especially concentrating on my calves)


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I do a little bit but not much. I usually only warm up by myself when I'm about to play a gig. If it's practice, we do warm ups. Stretching isn't a big thing for me, it's more of a warming up thing.


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stretching is an importance to drumming. it allows your muscals to breath better and not pull anything while playing. it relaxes your nerves that help you focus more on your bodies movement. it also stops soreness and being really tired after playing. i caution anyone no matter how long your planning on playing in a day to
do some stretches!!!
when i didnt stretch before i played i would often get cramps in my upper arms and legs and after playing for a while my back would start to really hurt.
i stretch now before i play everytime and i dont have any of the problems i had anymore.


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Plus, extensive stretching releases endorphins which are fun
Nothing like the rush you get when a vertebrae pops in your lower back (the healthy type of pop not the dislocated type)


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Fishy22":2058hqbq said:
personally i never did it an ive played for 5 years.
its up to you.
You'll pay for it as you get older, Fishy. Looks like Rockula and I are the same age, and we both know that a good streching routine makes drumming life a lot easier. I know that I can't do things at 38 that I could do 15 years ago.

Stretching = Good.


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I have never heard a valid arguement against stretching, but i know a few ppl who agree that u should always stretch...especially if you are new to drumming (as i am) gives you an amazing head start once you sit down,.
i notice it now, i find myself getting "comfy" alot quicker now, and i get past the regular beats i find myself practicing and discover new things faster and more often...

stretching and a metronome - a winning combination for me without any doubt