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I hear that I'm really stiff when I play the drums. Do you guys have any tips on playing loose? Should I work on my breathing?


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are you tensing up ur whole body?...or just the hands?...

when i 1st started out i would tense up on faster single stroke fills and stuff like that....i learned that when u play need to let the drum do its job and use the rebound to your advantage...which means to keep control of the stick when playing faster without tensing up and gripping the stick should work on using mor wrist and fingers....

this video is very good and might help u with losening up...and will ensure that u have good technique as well when u play....if this helps you out, it will take alittle while to get use to and feel different if your use to tensing up...but i promise that this will help you in the long will be able to play faster and you will have good technique as well...

one thing he didnt really mention in the video is that the part at the end where he bounces the stick using his other hand...that will help you get use to using ur fingers and the rebound to move the stick...

good luck man...i hope this helps you out
and if you have any other questions...just hit me up