sticks how important???

tornado todd

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I dont know about you drummers but stick selection is very impotant to me when playing. How about you? What sticks do you prefer, and for what style. me i like 5bn"s for rock and 7an"s for jazz, and even larger for groupies...ha ha


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oh mans i got my first pair of vaters and they are absolutly sick i will try and NOT play with any other sticks besides me vic carmine appice sigs because those are special

oh the vaters are 5A los angeles


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I use heaps of different sticks these days. Usually because I forget to take my own to lessons and have to use whatever is handy. I have regular drumsticks, timbale sticks, plastic repinique sticks from name it.

My favourite brand is Vater for drum sticks and Vic Firth for timbale sticks.