stick twirling primer - vids inside


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The first trick is called a Dead Drop. No matter the angle, dropping a stick from the back of the hand is a Dead Drop.

Second are called Dolphins.

Third trick is called a Palm Spin.

Fourth is just a Basic Finger Spin. Nothing "fake" about it.

Fifth trick goes by many, many names, but most often, they're called Kick-Outs.

Sixth is just a Stick Twirl, or "That finger thingy." Some also call it Windmilling.

These are all standard names, from Marching in Lines and talking with Corps and other established drummers.



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nutha jason":12p8ct4s said:
potato potahto. what's in a rose. the are the names of these spins in the circles i learned them.

Notice, if you will, that potahto is spelled wrong. If you want people to know what you're talking about, use the standards. Avoids confusion. Simplifies things.


Henry George

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Thank you nutha jason, I've been looking for this.
I'm just interested in the fexibility that this twirling can achieve.
I'll be keen to apply them when mastered.
Glad you included a slow mo, coz I saved that site.
So to keep the beat going when you drop a stick,
you actually practising that..'dropping the stick'.

nutha jason

i always keep a third stick stuck down the back of my jeans in easy reach at gigs. spins are only cool if they never, EVER end with you not having a stick to play with.