Stick Sizes..


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Ok, Now i know i'll sound like a bit of a bad drummer asking this..

But how does the size pattern or legend go for sticks?
What do the numbers mean?
And what do the letters mean?

I just use 7A's, cause they feel good.

But I would like to know what other sizes of sticks there are,

incase there is a better stick for me..



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the number is like a gauge. the higher the number the thineer the stick. The more you check out different sticks from defferent companies the more you'll relize someone muct have been smoking crack when they develoved the adding a letter to the size of the stick thing. theres really no reason to thise letters. some mean the sticks a little longer, some mean its a bit thicker or thinner, some just mean its a differnt weight


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The only way you can tell if there's a better stick for you is to go down to the drum shop/music store and put a few in your hands. Each company has a different formula for the same flavors, not to mention their signature lines.