Stewart Copeland......


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innovative? What do you think? I grew up in the Copeland era,especially early Police.Although my drumming never reflected my respect for Stewart,he has done things behind the set most drummers dream of doing.You can see for yourself for $250 bux a ticket at a town near you.


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definitely innovative. Stewart has a very strong, identifiable personal style.
I regret that I never got to see them live, and don't know that I'll get to this time around at those prices, but Copeland has always been a huge inspiration to me, and I'm glad to see he's just as energetic and percussive as ever!
He's also a prodigious musician and has cranked out TONS of work the last few decades.
He and Neil P introduced me to my love affair with Octobans.

His snare tone, his cymbal work- what's not to admire?


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he has achieved what I consider to be the best success that a drummer can achieve which is to have an instantly recognizable style
You know it is him when you hear it
That's a million more times better than all the technique in the world (which he has as well)
I am a big fan of the "Rumble Fish" soundtrack

You are the 2nd person to say that Neil Peart used Octobans
When was this? (not saying you're wrong)
I cannot remember ever seeing him use them, although I quit paying attention right after "Hold Your Fire"


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sorry to cause a detour here- for some reason I've got this idea in my head of Neil using Octos in the early years, but heck if can find any proof.
Could be I'm just imagining this. Weird, sorry about the error!

Let's go with Stewart and Tim Alexander then.
I think Stewart Copeland is an amazing and innovative drummer with his very own definite style. I'm so excited The Police are back together and I really can't wait to see them live!


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excited about police reunion, love copelands drumming. I be happier if oysterhead made another album though.


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I agree 110% with everything written above.Mr.Copeland has achieved a status most drummers dream of in their careers.When the Police broke up in in 1986 he didnt miss a beat(no pun intended) and went into scoring and directing various films.And when he had the itch to get a band going,Gizmo,Oysterhead and Klark Kent filled his void.

Mr bang boom

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Stewart copeland is an all around amazing musician composer and all that jazz..his influence has stretched all over the world in his movie scoring and obvious work with the police, he has some other projects such as oysterhead and some band from italy as well, hes by far my favorite drummer and above all keeps it real...i woulda payed 405 for police tixs but i guess i "lucked out" with the 100 seats instead..


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Copeland is one of those rare innovators who you instantly recognize upon hearing. His hi-hat work alone was groundbreaking. That's why guys like Peter Gabriel hired him to do hi-hat tracking on cuts like "Red Rain."
I can't think of too many rock drummers who are "instantly recognizable" and true innovators at the same time.


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He is probably my favorite drummer.

He throws in so many little things that sound very simple (but really aren't) that add depth to his style.

I love his high-hat work.


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i've been listening to the police for awhile now (yeah june 6 key arena!!!) i'm probably most excited about seeing him drum. i also think there needs to be another oysterhead album though.....we can only dream


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I love Stewart Copeland's work in the Police, but I haven't yet ventured into any of his other work.
What would people reccommend I move on to from the Police in terms of Copeland's work?


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Without a doubt Mr. Copeland is one of the most innovative drummers of all time. He is one of my top inspirations. I hope I get to see him perform someday soon. :D