Starting them young.


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This is just an oppinion of mine and I want to know how others feel about it. I have a three year old son who is into the drumms thanks to me. I gave him his first pair of sticks when he was two, and he always knew where they were at. My wife finaly agreed that he needed a set. We got him one of those small CB Drums kits and he loves to play. The only thing that I have a problem with is the fact of how many other people say " it is crazy that we bought the drums for him. He is too young and don't know if he is going to stay with it." I realy don't care my self, but just wanting some input from my brother drummers to make me feel a little better .

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Some people tell me I'm full of shit... but with my father being a full time musician, I began playing drums myself at 3 years old. Not because I was pushed into it... but because I was drawn to it.

My father was a guitar player at this point, so it wasnt that I was trying to be like him... it was just something I wanted to do even from that point.

Just dont force it is all.

If he loves to play... then why not? Now if you just teach him to play open handed... heheh.


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Well, if you say he loves to play I think you've answered your own question.
I've not got kids yet, but when I do have them, sure to say they'll be sitting behind a drumkit before they can walk!!!!!
Good luck!


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Every time I go on youtube and see 11-year olds play Lamb of God I wish I'd started when I was three.


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justchuck, if your son learns he will get praise from you by playing the drums, it will become positive reinforcement and something that will stick with him the rest of his life. The day you stop taking an interest in his playing is the day it was a waste of money, but it sounds to me like you've introduced him to something you'll both be able to rally around when other forms of communication break down when he's older.

Bravo to you for getting your son something other than another toy.


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Tell them to mind their own business, hes your son and its your money and you'll do what you want with both. He obviously likes playing with them so you've made the right decision. I


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I started playing drums at the age of 15. Only because I had to buy them myself. I WISH my parents would have gotten me a set when I was 3. Imagine how awesome your son will be by age 10!


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bah to them all.

haha i plan to force drums on my lil son when i have him. its all part of the plan lol.

If he becomes pro....guess who gets a nice retirment home and lots of good care! yep thats right, papa does.

Anyways....yeah i think its cool that he loves to play drums at a young age...i mean look at tony royster jr.

Just see how it goes.


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Sometimes I wish I could have started playing the drums at a younger age. It is great that you are making play them and that he is into them. If he stops playing its ok...its great that atleast he is playing now!


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if he loves it at a young age, then who's to say he wont love it when he's at your age? if he loves playing the drums, i say keep him going with it :D

i wish i started playing when i was 3, i've seen so many drummers out there tht havn't even reached their teenage years yet, tht are much better than me


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First of all:you can NEVER be too young,nor too old to start playing :shock: !

Second:I'd tell them people that THEY are crazy for throwing their negativity in your business :roll: !

and Third:I have a 14 year old daughter that wanted to play drums so,I bought her a Rodgers 5 piece silver sparkle kit w/rims mounting,a 6 piece Sabian B8Pro cymbal pack & all the sticks/magazines she will need for a year.....does that make me crazy?

No,that makes me a caring/loving father that supports his daughters dreams...........sounds like you are a great father indeed :!:


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they say the younger you are, the more you learn, so starting kids off on anything they show and interest in can only be a positive. So do it 8)

I know when I have children, instruments are going to be introduced to them at a very early age as, looking back, I wish I'd started playing so much younger too. Would love to give my own the opportunity :)

Now all I need to do is find myself a good man... :lol:

Sarah x


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You are on the right track. We have a 4y daughter and 2y son. They both love music. We played music continually in vitro. I even tapped out rhythms. They love to play my HandSonic. She has her own custom snare and my son's is being built. They ask me to play, we never forced it at all. We have always played Drum Corps. We can be anywhere and when I say Drum Corp, they will automatically click their hands over their heads in a four count in and air drum cadences. They completely become absorbed in it. I think of it as the Frank Zappa style. We have instruments everywhere and they can tinker with any of their choosing. It is a proven fact that young minds develop better with a musical background. I highly recommend it to all parents. This is a great way to have some fun family time

In fact, they both just wandered in here and are asking to play the HandSonic and guitar right now. Gotta go play.....


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i started when i was 7 or 8 and now im 14, i remember the very first song i learned was enter sandman by metallica, no i look back and wonder how the hell i could hav played it lol
its never too late to get started


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just dont force him
if he loves them,
encourage the kid til hes amazing
if he realizes that he doesnt want to play drums
dont make it seem if you are dissapointed
Music will definately improve anyones state of being


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Even day I lament the fact that my parents never thought to stick an instrument in my hands and see if I liked it and I had to wait till elementry school to discover the drums.


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My parents MADE me play piano when I was 4. I got extremely good extremely fast. By the time I was 9, I was playing all kinds of talent shows and played a concert with an orquestra in Sacramento. My parents didnt make me practice though. I practiced only when I felt like it.

Then around 14 I wanted something louder... drums! But alas, they werent so supportive of drums cuz they're so loud. So i didnt get my first kit til I was 16 (bought it with christmas money.) All the time I wish I could've started playing drums when I was 4, but my base in piano has given me an ear for music which most people will never have... thank you mom and dad!


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Flatliner":107o23fp said:
Even day I lament the fact that my parents never thought to stick an instrument in my hands and see if I liked it and I had to wait till elementry school to discover the drums.
i know exactly how u feel, music was something i just heard on the radio or on the tv when i was a kid, i never actually had interactions with many instruments untill the age of about 14 in sencondary school, my best mate was learning to play the drums and he showed me how to start playing when i was 15, been playing 2-3 years now, and i've practices almost everyday since.


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Mate, I'm all in support for the young lads and lasses getting in there and banging away. I'm the same as the people who have written above; I wish my folks would've got me a drum kit earlier....mind you, they supported me playing the piano instead, so that's all good. Now I can play both instruments at about the same level.

The only thing I'd suggest for anyone who is doing the whole drums at an early age road....wear decent ear protection since the young'uns hearing is a lot more sensitive. I'm going for my audio engineering degree, and wish my ears were in better shape!! That's the only thing I'd caution. Get some nice buds for the young 'un and they should be fine :)

Good luck!!